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All About Tech
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Hosted by I.T. Inspires

Learn from Apple and Samsung Tech Reps about how to utilize our cell phones. Learn how smartphones have changed entrepreneurism.

Mobile phones are a vital piece of business equipment for many business owners and their staff, but most don't know how to utilize them for their full potential.

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Keynote Speaker: 

Anirudh Cheruvu

Gamification Coach | Business excellence

Being a videogame designer for a decade, Anirudh realized that games have a lot more to offer to humanity than just entertainment. While he has 9 released game titles on android and iOS platforms to his credit, he has also been featured in 13 international media including New Zealand Herald, Indian Express, Indie Gamer, Vox, etc. As he pondered on questions like how to accomplish goals with ease? Why is joy at the end of the goal-seeking process? Anirudh discovered the power of Gamification that can transform the way we accomplish goals. Anirudh is on a mission to gamify a million goals and entice people to turn their goals into a fun-filled adventure. He is also a podcaster and author of the book Gamify Your Life™. he is lately been featured in CBS Channel 6 and RVA Small Business Network. 


Anirudh is now crafting a mystical world called 'Questika' for goal-seekers to turn their goals into an RPG experience!

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